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I am very happy to go back to school because I have my school friends there.I like to study History and French.I want to play football again. I like activites in the class.My school friends are the best and I like to talk and to play with them. This is my feeling before going bak to school. Javier Albasanz. 1ESO C

Back to school is great, but doing class is very boring.You have to study a lot. But I am happy because I am with my friends. I play with them football and this is very fun. Alberto Tejero 1ESO B

Usually, when the summer finishes I feel a little bit afraid and excited too. I feel excited because I want to see my friends and speak with them about the summer or the holidays, but I feel a little bit afraid too because I don't want to start school and homework and I don't want to finish holidays! Laura Cavero. 1ESO B

I usually feel excited, a little bit terrified, but I am happy, because I am going to see my friends! In summer, I only see two of my friends, and I miss the other friends, of course! And I am excited too, because we change the classes sometimes… Blanca Espín. 1ESO C

The first day of class I was very afraid and nervous, especialy this year. But it is fantastic! I was very excited and happy to see my friends again.I remember my first day at school at Teresianas: I was crying in my house,but when I went I see that it was a very good school! I love it! Pía Delás-Vigo. 1ESO B

How do you feel before going back to school? Give us your opinion!

Before going back to school I feel very happy, because I'll explain my holidays and the bech and the mountain.I feel too very excited because I'll return to play football with my team. Alejandro Mañés 1ESO B

When I go back to the school I fell excited because I'm going to see my friends again and I will meet new pupils in my class. I'm a little worried because I don't know what I'm going to do this year, everybody says that 1º ESO is very difficult and I will have to work very hard. María Led. 1ESO A

I love my school. I like it because we do a lot of things like games... and of course I like it because I see all my friends! Sometimes I don't like it because we have to study, we have homework, we have tests... I think that this year we are going to have a great time with...the computers! My favourite subject is P.E. Aurora Caja. 1 ESO C

I like his day, because I see my friends and I know my class and my classmates. But I'm a little bit sad because it means that the summer is over, and the beach too, the cold is comming. Clara Espuny. 1 ESO A

Before going back to school, in part I’m very happy because I’m going to see my friends, but in part I don’t want to start school because I don’t like homeworks exams…I prefer the summer Alicia Bel 1ESO C

When I´m going back to school I feel I´m happy because I´m going to see my best friends and i´m not excited because I´m trained.But I´m a bit nervous because I have new teachers and friends. Alex Paloma. 1ESO A

The school is terrible : it is not funny, it is boring . The school has two parts :one happy and one terrible.The happy is : there I have my friends and the bad part is the studies.,,, Alex Campà. 1ESO C

When I go back to school, (the first day) I'm happy because I can see my friends. But I'm terrified too because the classes return. This year I like some s ubjects like English, sciencie, technology,history...Arnau Belloc 1ESO A

I feel a little sorry because the holidays are finished, but this sorrow goes out when I am with my friends. Back to school is a little terrifying because you spent all the holidays in the beach or in the mountain and now you are in a class writing or studying. Carlota Périz. 1ESO B



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