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I would of stayed home at that hour of the night. What buisness does he have with Phoebe at 11:00pm.? I would be a little afraid of the dog too because they are known to be vicious dogs.

''I wanted to talk to her about her sister and a few other monumentally troubling things, but mostly just felt comfortable aroumd Phoebe.'' p111''I turned and was suddenly face to jowl with somebody's angry Rottweiler.'' p112

Daniel's JournalI made my way to Phoebe's house. I was just about to ring the door bell then I stopped. Who would ring the door bell at 11: 00 pm? I looked up and there she was, I saw her in the window. I went down on my knees to find something to throw and get her attention. At that moment I herd a growl. I turned around and I saw an angry Rottweiler. Immediately, I created Emma because she adored all animals.

Chapter 39




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