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The people in Egypt do writing and they have an alphabet and they did a lot of writing. The Greeks used an alphabet to write so they can do work and use them for writing. In Rome they had rules and laws and used the alphabet is used to write these down. All the civilizations used an alphabet or other form of written language in order to communicate with one another. The Latin, or Roman alphabet is pretty much the one Americans use today. The Romans used papyrus and parchment to write things down.

THE ALPHABET The Egyptians used an alphabet to write around 3,000 B.C. they called it Hieroglyphs. The Greeks first used hieroglyphs in 2,000 B.C. and it changed to a linear a table in 1900 B.C. they went and taught a constant alphabet. Having an alphabet in each culture contributed to ancient civilizations communication. In Ancient Greece they developed the Greek Alphabet. Some of the earliest stories were written in Greece. The Odyssey is a Greek myth about the Trojan War. Having an alphabet made it easier to keep records.The Roman Empire lasted for more than 1,000 years, so there was plenty of time to produce a lot of writing. In Ancient Rome, the Romans used a form of Greek Alphabet. Latin, an Indo-European language was written in an alphabet like the Greek alphabet with some letters changed. The Egyptian used hieroglyphs. The Egyptians wrote every thing down. Hieroglyphs took time to write in picture. The characters or letters they are of common objects like a bird, foot, hand, worm, basket, bowl, mountain, and a hook. Later, a new form of writing is called demonic script. It was much faster. You can see hieroglyphics on ancient tombs, pyramids walls, pottery and ceramics. Scribes also used hieroglyphics on papyrus to record the

history of Egypt. Scientists did not know how to read this. About 200 years ago, archeologists found the Rosetta stone. It had a short story written on it. It was written in Greek and hieroglyphics. Now scientists could begin to understand what was written. We need writing to communicate with people in our country and in the world just like the ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Now we use paper not papyrus or the walls. We use pencils instead of styluses. Just like the ancient civilizations we use parts of other languages to make up our language.

They used the alphabet to write



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