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Rich Old People Group

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We are 65 year old retired factory line workers. We have a pension plan that pays us a net income of $975.00 monthly. We live with our spouse who is still working at the factory. Combined our net income is nearly $2,700 a month. We lived in the same house for 27 years and we paid it off. Our current car is a 2003 Lincoln Town Car. It has very low miles on it, and should be worth trading in. Our main goal is to have a nice car that we can drive across the country when our spouse reties. We will have plenty of free time then, and traveling is our main objective. We have a credit card that you use when we travel. It has a significant monthly payment of $200 our saving account has grown over the past few years and we have nearly $40,000 to date.


We bought a 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid, it cost $24,168The insurance was $229.58 a monthWe sold the Lincoln Town Car for 9k. It helps the Environment by running on two motors an electric and a gas powered (V6 engine).We also didnt need a loan.We paid the down payment cause we didnt have 1.



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