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GLOGSTER ASSIGNMENT for 7th Grade ClassesGLOGSTER ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!EVERYONE: Do not change your passwords. Changed password = FAILURE and removal from Musicgrammy Glogster site.These glogs are not public access- visible only through Ms. Graham’s class glog with appropriate sign-in.ALL CLASSES: You glog must include!3 interesting facts about you to shareWhat style/genre of music is your favorite and why! (audio link as demonstration would be niceA Music Theory corner with at least 3 questions about subject areas like rhythm, pitch, dynamics, music vocabulary, notes-pitches, symbols for special instructions like repeat, etc.Your top five songs and the artists that perform them (appropriate audio links are welcomed)Information on your most favorite music artist or groupAnswer the question “Why is Music considered the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE?MUSIC Vocabulary Corner- must contain at least 4 vocabulary words pertaining to MusicFOR WOODWINDS AND BRASS ONLY: Present 3 interesting facts about the instrument you play in bandFOR PERCUSSION ONLY:Find and present information on a percussion instrument you have never heard of before (sound link would be nice)FOR CHORUS ONLY: Go on School Tube and find a video of a middle school chorus performing on a level you would consider a superior performance, link it to your glog, and be sure to title it on your page as SUPERIOR SINGING PERFORMANCE. ALL: Be creative with graphics, wallpaper, effects, color, framing, etc. Remember it’s your design, not your neighbors! Remember to cite works where applicable.BE SURE AND CHECK OUT YOUR CLASSMATES GLOGS AND COMMENT ON THEIR WORK TOO!!!!!GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY GLOGGING!! DEADLINE MARCH 12, 2010 MS. G


4th Block Reading Class INFO!!!Will be checking Glogs for Grade on Friday!! Also you should be ready to start chapter 13 by Thursday Feb 25!!! INCLUDING COMPLETION OF QUESTIONS!!

Want to hear some really neat singing click here!

Virtual Tour of Biltmore House - Enjoy!!!Click on Flower for Virtual Trip to BIltmore House!

Percussion! Check out the this Drum Rudiment site!Click on the set drummer!

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