GLOG 2:Internal Road AFTER Upgrade, 2016- Ané Froneman

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Social Studies

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GLOG 2:Internal Road AFTER Upgrade, 2016- Ané Froneman

Noticeboard:A creative, collaborative wall would make the noticeboard active, attractive and special. Students could combine ideas and express themselves. It would attract students because it is different and new.

Next to library:Adding these seats would be perfect for an area around the library. These seats are ideal for studying and near the library. A perfect area to complete homework. This would attract students as a peaceful area to complete assignments.

S-block wall:A large screen would be used to present announcements, screen big events (u.s election, Olympics, etc) recognise outgoing students or however desired.

In front of ITC building:This area is large but unused. Using it as a basketball court students would enjoy this space and it would add another meaningful aspect to the road.

In front of R-block:This area has amazing shade but no seating. There is few seating and so tables would be ideal. Students would be able to socialise and eat together without lack of seating.

Next to F-Block:This area is commonly neglected because it is bare. With an activity like the board game above, the area would be popular and colourful. A better image and increasing the rankings of uses and activities.

End of the road:This part of the road is permanently in the sun therefore it is very unpopular. Adding shade and seating means students can enjoy this area without the blaring sun.

Internal Road- Redevelopment Proposals, 2016




Bitumen and gutters:Resurfacing the road with fake grass would mean the area is cleaner and not a tripping hazard. Since it is fake, it requires little maintenance. During hot summers, the road heats up and isn't sittable. Whereas the fake grass will remain comfortable seating all year round.







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