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I think Daniel is not as lonely as he was. You can tell that Emma, and Joe are brother and sister just the way they act, I think Daniel is lucky that he aco creat things.

chapter 12

Danel's JounalI love Danna. She's beautiful.I also enjoy my friends around. Joe got on Emma's nerves again. Of course Emma loved the location of the camp site.

''My buddies willy,Joe-Joe,Emma, and Danna me company, just like I do with my parents,I created them.p.45''What can I say about" She's tall, with pin-straight blond hair that flows like a waterfall of flame down her back. She's probably the most beautful girl I've ever seen just in my opianion, of couse-but the neat part is that hands down, Danna is the most genunine person I've met''p.46




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