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''All About Buffalo Hides''By: Owen & NateIf you are interested in bison hides, here are some facts about them. Plains Indians used to paint buffalo hides. The Sioux men would wear buffalo hide clothing.Some times buffalo hides were made into breech clothing. Also buffalo hides furnished tipis. Sioux men wore bison hides for belts. And the plains traded buffalo hides for pumpkins and corn. Also tipis were were made of buffalo hides. .So if you liked these facts you probably like buffalo. Native languages of the america's. Retreived on January 31, 2012. Native languages of the america's Retreived on Febuary 1, 2012

Why are buffalo so important?Done by: IzzyWhat do you know about buffalo? Buffalo fur is used for many things like clothing. Did you know that buffalo meat can be dried to eat for later? Buffalo bones are made into toboggans and so much more. Did you know the plans people used all of the buffalo blood is made into something like Jell-O, how cool. Did you know all that about buffalo? All research got on 2/23/12 from life in a plains camp, Kalman Bobbie

“All about Buffalo Bones”By: Grace & JacobIf you want to here some facts about buffalo bone here’s the place to look. The Plains Native Americans used buffalo ribs to make toboggans. They used toboggans to pull stuff around. Also the Plains Native Americans used bones for utensils, tool and weapons. Buffalo horns can make spoons. The Plains Native Americans also could make useful stuff like: Spoons, gunpowder flask, cups and ladles out of buffalo horns. They also used seven buffalo ribs and tied them together and it made a kids sled. The Plains Native Americans made game tools so they could play lacrosse and a different way to play hockey but on the grass. And those are some facts about buffalo bones. Life in a Plains Camp. Grolier’s encyclopedia.Native langue American



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