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After the Nazi's burned down the Reichstag building , Hitler immediatley after was granted power as a result.

Holocaust (January 1933- May 1945 )

A concentration camp was opened up by the Nazi's near the Munich.

The prisoners had to waer uniforms with triangular badges, and stand in cloumns under supervision of the guards. Inmates were forced to work in the brick works at the Kinker-Grosszlegelwerke Sachsenhausen, which was on the opposite of the main camp. For women the camp was called Ravensbruck.


The Nazi's begin to spread their idea to boycott jewish owned businesses to respond to the anti-german . it spread abroad by the "international Jewry. After people would stand in front of the buildings with signs telling Germans to defend thier-selves.

In May 1933 , German students of fine universites from across the world .. were gatthering around in different german countries to burn books: that diddnt have any belifa that werent German .A speech was givin by minister Joseph Goebbles and the burning of the books wee accomined by the encouragement from the nazi's songs and anthems.

Hilter becomes the Fuhrer ( the leader ). im March 1938 the nazi's competley gain controll of thr reichstag.

After the announcment that Ahschluss was now a union with Austria , hitler and his fellow nazi's bgin the horrible torcher and humiliation of the jews lives.

Nazi's had jews march through the streets of the Krakow.Jews who've been gethered around for deportation and etc. By March 1943, gas chambers & exsessive ways to kill the jews; were created in a new way.

In1945 80,000 jews were freed , there were death marches & soviet troops liberated in Auschutwitz.

The camps were exterminated (Januauray 27th,1945) . there were mass funerals for inmates who couldnt be saved ow those who were killed .



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