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April 16, 1846My name is Nathalia Martin. Today we leave on our big adventure. We will leave Springfield, Illinois. Our nine wagons will leave today. We have just finished packing the wagon. My parents say I can take Jack, my horse. We had to bring meat, corn, bread, water, and other things that we brought. We also had to leave behind most furniture, some clothes, and other animals. We got to take some blankets and some other important things.April 20, 1846I hate wearing dresses. They weigh almost as much as me. The donners are some of my best friends now. I am happy about this new journey. For my entertainment I love to draw and listen to stories.Last night James donner told a story of a old ghost that haunts the trail. Today we ate cornbreadand buffalo meat that we cooked over the fire. May 5, 1846Today we stoped at the kaw river. The crossing was hard for some of the wagons but we all made it. The indians let us across. We were all so thankful. My condition has been very well along this journey.May 20, 1846This new way that is supposed to shorten the journey has worked so far. The wildlife here is beautiful. I love to pick the wildl flowers and put them in Jack's hair. He looks so cute. There are so many trees. We just finished crossing the plains. The indians were so kind. I love the cherry blosoms on the tree. The deer here are plenty. There are many elk, pheasants, prarie dogs, small birds and so much more.June 2, 1846,It is very hot here, but I keep up the pace anyway. This new trail we are trying has been quite bumpy in the woods. Lots have happend. James Reed had been kicked out as the leader for killing some one. One of the donners is now the leader. We had a total of 87 people and now 85. The other because a grandma died. July 12, 1846,Today the conditions have gotten worse. It seems as if we will never get to California. The 2,500 mile journey seems it will never happen. All the wagons are getting stuck in the mud. We barley get 2 miles a day. Despite that my condition is good.August 17, 1846,The days are getting colder and shorter.October 23, 1846On October 2, we got hit by a early snow storm. It get to cold and some of the people have died. We were running out of food. Half of the oxen and some of the horses have died from lack of food. My horse Jack also died.December 5, 1864I have become quite weak. Most of the other people have turned to eating each other, but gladly I have not. We have made make shift cabins. We had to kill all the oxen to have food. Today a rescue party came I have been one of the lucky survivers. All the donners have lived but have lost most fingers and toes to frostbite. They have said I may may live with them and took them up on their ofer. I very happy now in my new home.



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