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Esperanza Ortega was a 12 year old girl. Her family owned a ranch and was very rich. Her life was perfect untill her Tio's Luis and Marco grew jealous of her father and ended up killing him. Esperanza's Tio Luis forced her mother to marry him, but she refuesed. He grew angry and burnt down Esperanza's house and ranch. Her mother and grandmother escaped from her Tio and went to Los Angeles. Esperanza had to work as a pezent and was shocked at what she had to do on a regular baises. Esperanza's mother had gotten ill and was takin' to a hospital. Once her mother had recovered from her sickness her grandmother had gotten week and could know longer do work and was sent back to mexico. Esperanza raised money to get her grandmother back to Los Angeles but her good friend miguel had taken the money with out her knowing. He actually took the money to get her grandmother back into Los Angeles and in the end they were all runited.

Esperanza Rising

A novel By:Pam Munoz Ryan

published By:Scholastic

By:Daniela Guerrero



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