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We Can Change The World.

The Journey

Border's Interview Part I

Border's Interview Part 2

YOU can make a difference. Set Goals. Believe in the power of collaboration, communication, and in yourself. See what students at SHS are doing to spread the word!

Greg Mortenson inspires us. Climbing mountains to help spread literacy to those in need, especially young women, his journey shows what determination and selflessness can bring. His book, ''Three Cups of Tea,'' reveals how one person dramatically influences others and how cultural understanding helps unite.

Greg Mortenson

Watch NBC News Coverage by Brian Williams

Mrs. Ohrn & Mr. Semrauand 8 students visited Allegheny College on October 7th, 2009 to hear Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Mr. Greg Mortenson speak.WE WERE INSPIRED!CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU CAN DO...His efforts in spreading peace, literacy, and love have impacted many people and we hope that you are inspired by what you find on this page!

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