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Social Studies

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FDR pulled the country and all of its components out of the depression

The Economy, unemployement, and all the other industries were down and not doing well.

FDR took the country towards prosperity, or on the picture, the Port Prosperity. He created Alphabet agencies, in wich lowered the unemployment rate.

The message of the author is that FDR helped the economy get out of the depression it was in. The author was poitive towards FDR.

The author uses exageration when he is "pulling all the boats to shore/ prosperity/ saftey

The author uses labeling when s/he wrote Unemployment and otherthings on the shipsa, and labeled FDR pulling them out.

The author used symbolism when they drew FDR as a giant, beceause he was a Huge help to getting out of the depression

The components of the country werent doing good and they were in doubt that theye would ever get out.

In the cartoon FDR is working hard to get the other "people" out of the doubt were as in real life, FDR created many jobs that supported the problems they were facing.


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