glog-2509 - The Weekend Was Murder

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glog-2509 - The Weekend Was Murder

By: Joan Lowery Nixon193 PagesFiction - Mystery

Contemptuous (pg 36) - insulting, scornful, dislike or lack of respect for someone or something.

Aggrieved (pg 91) - treated wrongly or unjustly; offended

Ethereal (pg 91) - unwordly, spiritual; marked by unusual delicacy

Surreptitously (pg 153) - done in a secret or concealed way

I learned several new vocabulary words in this book. Some of the words I could figure out by using the context clues, others I had to look up.

The Weekend Was Murder!

"...As you well know, a murderer always takes something away from the scene and leaves something behing.""You mean he leaves the murder weapon and then steals something?" I asked."No, it's usually something he's not even aware of. He may leave a personal item that relates directly to him, or it may be a blade of grass or some dirt from his shoes." (page 127)

Mrs. Laragee tugged at her friend's sleeve. "Just how do (red) herrings fit into a murder?""Red herrings are just things put into a plot in order to lead mystery fans astray," I explained.(Page 95)

This book is two murder mysteries in one, with the extra added bonus of a ghost! The guests at the Ridley Hotel are participating in a murder mystery weekend, with a made up murder and crime scene. BUT...that is not all that is happening at the Ridley Hotel! There is also an encounter with a ghost, witnesses for a high profile trial being guarded within the hotel, as well as a REAL murder! While trying to solve the two mysteries, information is giving regarding features of mystery writing.

Mrs. Higgins - June 17, 2010



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