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Our National Heroes

A Hero Is Someone Who...

Click to listen to what we plan to do...1. Write an essay about our heroexplaining what we learned from our research, small group/class discussions and interviews.2. Draw the face of our hero.3. Combine all the essays and picturesto create a book.4. Publish "Our Hero" book using ePub. (scroll down)5. Distribute "Our Heroes" book using social media including Facebook, Twitter, sharing on our class blog and wiki with our international school contacts. Gain interest in our project by contacting local papers and news organizations.6. Grow this project to work with other schools to mentor them to create their own "Our Heroes" book.

Our Proposal

The Challenge

Present and defend a definition of heroism in everyday life. Demonstrate your understanding by devising a way to recognize or celebrate everyday heroism. Draw upon your knowledge of the Greek heroes, personal interviews, group discussions, and your reflections.

Citations and Research

The Big Idea:The Implications and Importance of Greek Mythology to the People of the 21st Century. Designed for 6th grade students. Follows early civilizations curriculum and state standards.

The Greek Mythology Symbaloo example....

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