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Necessary BrandsOcean Pacific, Banana Republic, Reebok, Guess, Kaepa, Izod, Ralph Loren, Vans, Adidas, LA Gear , Liz Claiborn , Keds , Esprit, Jordache

Fads of The 80's

Accessories•Clock Necklaces, Friendship Stuff, Many Swatches, Swatch Protectors, Plastic Charms, Hoop Earrings, Slouch Sock, High Tops, Puff Paint, Safety Pins, Beads, Slap Bracelets Rubber Bracelets, Jellies, Big Hair, Bows, Braces With Color, Rubberbands, Croc Dundee, Hats, Rhinestone, Glove, Brimmed Hats, Neon, Book, Covers, Trapper Keepers

LegsTight Stonewashed Jeans, Zippered Legs, 3/4 Length Legging, Legwarmers, Scrunch Socks, Exercise Gear, Super Tight Minis, Colored Hose w/Rips, Spandex, Tight Leather Pants, Bright Colors, Spandex ,Jammers Parachute, Pants Corduroy Pants

Skirts and JacketsOff-Shoulder Shirts, 3/4 Sleeves, Crop Top Primary Colors, Pink Sweater, Sweater on Waist, Neon Matching Socks, Thick Belts, Long T-Shirts, Mini Skirts, Rock Band, Shirts, Black & Neon, Leather, or Jean Jackets, Chains on Leather, Rolled Sleeves, Pastels Sleeveless, Shirts Ocean Pacific T-Shirts

HairFeathered Hair, Rave, tons of it, Stick-up bangs, Multicolored, Crimped, Side Ponytails, Ultra-Teased, Platinum, Blonde, Glitter, Rainbow, Mohawks Long & Layered Slightly, Teased Long Frizzy w/Bangs, Curly



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