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B.A.S.E. jumping, also sometimes written as BASE jumping, is an activity that employs an initially packed parachute to jump from fixed objects (also see paragliding). "B.A.S.E." is an acronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump: buildings, antennas, spans (bridge), and earth (cliff).While BASE jumps had been made prior to that time, the El Capitan activity was the effective birth of what is now called BASE jumping. BASE jumping is significantly more dangerous than similar sports such as skydiving from aircraft, and is currently regarded by many as a fringe extreme sport or stunt.

BasesAnywhere over 150-200ft and then someMoves Standerd 10ft jumping outbackflip- increase your lenght out by atleast 20ftSwan dive- allows quicker rate of dropSqurrile Spread- Used by begginers to slow air speed and gain control

EquipmentCutaway Handle-Releases original to back up parachuteStock Sliders -The mesh slider helps to reef the canopy while allowing air to flow to the nose for a quick and sequenced inflation. It has a stow loop at the center trailing edge for the steering lines to further prohibit a line over malfunction. Great for 3 to 8 second delays. Made with small or large hole mesh and #8 brass grommets. We also have sail SLAT system :
The ZP leading edge utilities « Slat » technology, helping to further improve the performance of the canopy in deep brake flight. The « Slat » system (situated on the leading edge of the cells 3, 4 et 5) allows :
- To reduce the forward speed of the canopy at opening, allowing more time to correct your heading with the risers where it counts as low jumps offer little object separation.
- Improved deep brake flight : accurate toggle response with less inertia during steep braked approaches (transitioning from full brake to lesser braked flight) making accuracy landings easier.WLO Toggles "What Line Over" Toggles.- toggle incorporates a release capability to release the control line in the event of a line-over.

BASE jumping grew out of skydiving. BASE jumps are generally made from much lower altitudes than skydives, and a BASE jump takes place in close proximity to the object serving as the jump platform. Because BASE jumps generally entail slower airspeeds than typical skydives (due to the limited altitude), a BASE jumper rarely achieves terminal velocity. Because higher airspeeds enable jumpers more aerodynamic control of their bodies,

Any bridge and any high rate drop tto what seems your death base jumpers live for the ego of adreinlene. Stepping to an edge with wind blowing and only being able to be 10feet from the edge of the surface you jump from a twenty second ride awaits the daring. With a death rate of 180 people a year due to line catches poorly packed shouts and incompitance. Dressed in a light material with wind resistance gear from apex and universaljumpers in france these men and women leap from buildings bridges and caves just to test if there shout will open in time. Intense and scary these people live for the rush.


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