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WHAT KIND OF MATH HAS TO BE DONE? To determine the amount of fluids the patient takes in puts and out, you have to subtract what they put out from what they took in. Example: A patient drinks 240mls, (one glass of water), and puts out 200mls. This patient is positive 40mls of fluid. (240-200= 40)

A Day in the Life of a Nurse: Everyday a nurse has to take care of patients. They could have as many as one to ten patients in one day. They have to be on their feet and be moving all day long. Everyday is unexpected; the patients could be stable, or they could become critical and crash at any time.

How does Nursing use Math?Nurses use math everyday. They have to figure out how much medication to give to each patient, and fluids that the patients take in and put out so their body is correctly working.

Education and Skills: To be a Registered Nurse, you have to go to college for two to four years. You need to have strong math, science, and people skills. You will always have to be ready for any situation that might occur. Nursing is demanding, rewarding, emotional, and challenging.

Nursing By: Carley Weber

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