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glog 2 for project

It's great that Melinda is helping Heather get into the Marathas. Melinda is good at basketball and hopefully, she can teach the other players how to play better. Since the holiday didn't work out the way she had wanted, Melinda decided to help her parents with their jobs. She wants to join the Maranthas to make new friends and to find ways to express her creativity. I think that Melinda and Heather are very good friends for each other.

Pg:64" In my project, see a girl caught in the remains of a holiday gone bad."Pg:78"I wish Mr. Freeman would put a tree in his masterpiece so I could see how it was done."

"Life is a Highway" By: Rascal Flats.Melinda has made a new friend. Also in art class, she is trying to sculpt a tree but it is not working for her. Melinda and Heather are trying to get into the Marathas and it is not going well.


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