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Social Studies

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It allows the development of a presentation using graphics, audio,images,text & video for an interactive approach to education!

This enables demonstration of learning at the end of a unit

This format enables the use of primary and secondary sources to support Historical thinking. It gives the opportunity to develop an understanding of the time frame and ask questions as to the authenticity of the source


A Title goes Here

Differentiated learning takes place .Students can choose to use video,text,graphics or audio (audacity) to show their learning

Timelines can be developed.Data can be downloaded in the form of powerpoint presentations.Songs can be played and poems read

This could be used as a summative assessment or formative dependent on its set up. The teacher can begin the glog with leading questions or primary source material .

Korean War

Cause and effect could be examined and understanding demonstrated by introducing ideas and allowing students to develop their own thoughtsComparisons and contrasts could be made by examining the effect of specific events or comparing similar events or looking at the changes over timeThe Korean and first World Wars!

Websites and url's can be attached



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