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Do you have a place that gives you a special feeling? For me, the beaches of Galveston Island are like heaven on Earth. The beaches of Galveston Island are my own personal paradise. It was a warm, summer day in July. The kind of day that should most definetely be spent enjoying the great outdoors. As soon as that wet and salty smell entered my nose, I knew that the sights and sounds of my favorite place were only moments away. I rolled down my windows and let the fresh, warm wind whip my hair. As soon as I spotted the shoreline, a stir of excitement rustled within me, and I couldn't wait to feel the rough, grainy sand tickling my toes. The waves crashed against the shore and the seagulls cried "Caw caw caw". I imagined that they were asking me to come play their silly seagull games.

My Favorite PlaceGalveston Beach




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