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Jeff Weise, Red Lake High School Student, was 16 when he committed the school shooting.

"Worst shooting since Columbine Massacre"

Undated photo of Jeff Weise

Students gathering outside Red Lake High School after the shooting

45 rounds of ammo were fired. Weise shot his grandfather and the grandfather's girlfriend with a semi-automatic .22 caliber handgun. Subsequently he obtained the grandfather's police issued automatic handgun and shotgun. Weise's handgun was never traced.

The shootings lasted only nine minutes, and after three minutes the final death toll had been reached. At the end, Weise took his own life.

Casualties of Red Lake Massacre9 people were killed by Weise:5 Students1 Teacher1 Un-Armed Security GuardWeise's Grandfather and his girlfriend14-15 more people were injured the shootingAfter these deaths occurred

Red Lake Massacre occurred March 21, 2005 on the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota

"Red Lake Massacre Took 3 Minutes"

Student leans her head upon her mother's while being interviewed after the shooting



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