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To become a marine infantry man you must go through a very strenuos 12 week training. Then you go through many war games in which you reeact terrains like Afganistan and mountainous areas. If you make it through all this you have 1 week to return to your family. Then the marine corps ship you over seas for sometimes up to a year.

I researched the job of a marine infantryman and found out that the job has many open positions because they are the toughest most powerful armed forces in the world. The physical demands for this job are very high but you have to be the best there is to make it.

After training you as a new recruit can be paid 23,735.51$ after training you can be paid as much as 54,348.91$ a year. Also being in the military comes with benefits like free college scholarships, early retirement and most companies will be more likely to hire you if you have been in the milatary especially the marines.

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ROTC and advanced technology will condition, teach and help you understand your equipment having these classes in your high scholl career will help you excel during training and on the field

i used the following sources to find my

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