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Agriculture Teacher!

Kyla Milne, Miller, English 4B, November 15, 2010

The skills needed to be an ag teacher you will learn in college but it helps to take Ag. classes in highschool and being a member of the FFA. Skills with the children are important as well as with the livestock. For instance, giving shots, shearing, clipping hoofs, ear tagging, etc. Ag teachers can not be afraid to get dirty because those project animals can be a mess!

To become an Ag. teacher in Texas you need to attend college and get at least a four year bachelors degree. It is also required to have a teacher licensure as well as specialty certification. Experience with agriculture and livestock helps too!

The average salary for an Ag. teacher is $42,000 a year starting off. After twenty years of teaching they may make around $50,000. The salary may also range more because Ag. teachers work dring the summer months with animals and FFA camps, also depending on benefits. The benefits for most Ag. teachers include health, retirement, vacation, sick days, and extracurricular activities!

I wasn't able to interview my old Ag. teacher Mr. Lucas but I can share some things about him. I use to always ask Mr. Lucas about Ag. teaching because it's what I've wanted to do for a long time now. I'm not sure how old he is but he is one of the teachers at Katy High School. Everyday he teaches class then hea heads to the ag barns to help the kids with the animals. After all that is done he gets to go home to his wife and daughter. He loves being an Ag. teacher almost as much as he loves hunting! I think his favorite thing about this career is seeing all the kids work so hard with their animals and it paying off come showtime:)



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