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Different Kinds of Masks:Masks were usually broken in to 2 categories; tragedies and comedies. Characers playing a role in a comedy would wear masks with a smile. Greek tragedies would make fun of politicians and philosophers. Characters playing in a tragedy would wear masks with sad facial expressions.

Greek Masks

Reasons for Greek Masks One reason Ancient Greek theatre developed masks was to act as woman. Woman weren't allowed to play roles any kind of Greek plays. Also, Greek plays had few actors. With masks, one person could be many different characters. The Greek theatres were huge. Often you couldn't hear or see the actors. Masks expanded facial features and acted like microphones.

History of Greek MasksThe city of Athens in Ancient Greece, created theatre between 600 and 200 BCE.Masks were worn in the Golden Age which was around 500 and 300 BCE. There was many festivals to the Greek god Dionysus, the god of theatre, fertility, and celebration. Masks were common in plays and for the chorus. The 5th century was the golden age of drama.

Materials for Greek MasksMasks were usually made of cloth, leather, and wood. The masks would be painted and have either animal or human hair on them. Some masks included plants, flowers, or jewels. Ir depends what character you are playing.

Greek Comedy Masks usually had happy facial features filled with joy. The huge smiles help proectt the voice and th eeyes are up-lifting. Greek tragedy masks are frowning with drooping lower eyes. The mouth is still wide so the voice will project through the audience but the expressions on the faces vary.

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