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Environmental Studies

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Global Hunger

How has technolgy or science tried to solve the global problem of Global Hunger?The Green Revolution new products for farming chemical companies are reiventing as biotecnolgy. And commercially improved seeds and mechanical equipment.

What is Global Hunger ?Global Hunger is when countries around the world dont have enough food.

How effective have these solutions been in solving the problems?More food is produced millions of tons of grain.No change production does not mean less hunger.

What other approahes might more effectively address the problems?Terrapreta- new types of soil that holds and remain fertile longer, plant growth will be better.change in operation- Poorfarmers do not buy new seeds increase invetments in nutritious crop.

Will new technology solve the global problems of global hunger?Depends on the econmic political and cultural rules of earth country. as more food is produced more people are becoming hungery, so no change



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