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Freance attacks fur trade!

Not many people realize the gravity of the war in America. It started out as the clash of the two major powers in the america, the French and the English. It all started out when British fur traders created a fort in ohio in the land of the miami people, at a place called Pickawalliny. The French drove the british out of their fort. This was the spark that started the fire. The french went on raids across new england towns, In return the New england settlers took Louisburg.

Outcome of the warFor a long time it looked as if the french were close to winning this war. With the help of their native american allies, and the use gurilla warfare to kill british soldiers. The brits new General Washington new he had to make peace with the natives if he was to win this war. It took time but eventually all the french were sent back home. Because of the war us American citzens are charged with Extreme Taxes. I don't know hom much longer We can stand for this .

Are We ready for a revoultion



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