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Language Arts

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Clarice Bean is a girl who loves thisT.V detective, named Ruby Redfort. She has a friend who's the naughtiest boy in school, she has to go to a horrible spelling bee, and is trying to get a main part in the school act. Clarice Bean can’t spell and she trying to get out of the spelling bee. She can spell rhinoceros because she has a picture of it in her room and looks at it every time she's her room and has rememberd it. Clarice Bean’s friend Karl Wrenbury got mad because he did not like school, and he says' that he isn’t Clarice Bean’s friend anymore! Karl did something bad and his teacher got mad and she asked everyone who did it but she was looking straight at Karl and Clarice Bean noticed. She said “I did it” and her teacher looked at her and she was surprised. And Clarice Bean got in trouble, but Karl said thank you for not telling on him and said he didn’t know why he said he was not her friend anymore and he said he was her friend now. Clarice Bean Spells Trouble is a weird and funny book. It's the best!!

by Lauren Child


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