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Location: The Bermuda Triangle runs from the Bermuda Islands, to Puerto Rico, to Miami, Florida, and back to the Bermuda Islands.

The Bermuda Triangle

Dissappearances: The Bermuda Triangle has been said to have taken over 1000 lives in the last 100 years. Over 66 planes and ships have dissappeared. Believes: Many people say that when you enter the Bermuda Triangle, you are entering porthole to another world. Others say they have seen aliens.

What I think: I think that the Bermuda Triangle was first just an article in the newspaper, like some others believe. I think it IS just a coincidence and more incidents DO happen outside of the Bermuda Triangle.

Several people agree that the Bermuda Triangle is more or less real than the Loch Ness Monster.

Flight 19, a group of planes that went through the Bermuda Triangle, never returned.

Don Henry, a tug captain went through the Bermuda triangle and claimed that there was no horizon and that he could feel the tug, but couldn't see it!



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