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House On Mango Street

Mr. Benny's Grocery store is on the corner of Esperanza's neighborhood. You can find Mr. Benny and everyone on Mango Street at Mr. Benny's Grocery store.“Past my house house, sad and red and crumbly in places, past Mr. Benny’s grocery on the corner, and down the avenue which is dangerous"( Cisneros 16).

This is a picture of Marin dancing under the street light, representing her loneliness. Also, this picture captures a view of Mango Street. "Marin, under the streetlight, dancing by herself..." (Cisneros 27).

This is a photograph of Edna and Ruthie's house. There are flowers on the side of the house and there is a basement where Edna rents it out to a man named Earl. Also Edna is next-door-neighbors with Esperanza. “...behind the flower boxes Edna paints green every year,...”(Cisneros 70).“Edna is the lady who owns the building next to you” (Cisneros 12).“Earl lives next door in Edna’s basement...” (Cisneros 70).

The Vargas's House is a very small home, and there is a single mom caring for more children than she can control at once. This family can be related to the tale "There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe" because it's about a family of many that live in a shoe which represents a small home. Rosa Vargas, Angel Vargas, Efren Vargas, Refugia Vargas, and the rest of the Vargas kids. Angel Vargas was the one " who exploded down to earth without even an "oh."

"The kids bend trees..."(Cisneros 29)."...and who cries everyday for the man who left without even leaving a dollar..."(Cisneros 29). This shows that the house is small because she doen't have much money.



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