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Myth # 29Men and Women Communicate in Completely Different Ways

-The common belief that men and women don't understand each other because they communicate in dramatically different ways has been popularized by pop culture.-This difference, however, has been proven to be less substantial than generally realized.-Women talk more then men, disclose more information than men, interupt others less than men, and are more perceptive to nonverbal communication than men, but all only to a small degree.-Men and women are more allike than different in their communication habits.

-I used the Maroon 5 song because it is about a man and a woman who are romantically involved but can't seem to get along.-I chose the Family guy Video because it shows a husband and wife arguing aggressively without listening to each other.-The picture I chose illustrates a miscommunication between a man and a woman because their method of communication is failing.-The article I chose articulates an opposing view to this article and explains that men and women do, indeed, communicate in strikingly distinct ways.



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