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Katherine Barlow was the only teacher in the only schoolhouse at Green Lake. She did a good job as a teacher, so her pupils loved her. She was very pretty and made the best canned peaches. Everybody loved her, but Kate only loved Sam, the onion picker. Sam was Black. First they just talked; later Sam fixed the old schoolhouse for the yong school teacher. They became trustful friends, lovers. When Sam and Kate kissed in the street, somebody saw them. All people in town now called her “The Devil Woman”. Sam had to pay with his life. Katherine ran to the sheriff. He wanted her to kiss him, but Kate slapped him in his face. They wanted to hang Sam, because it was forbidden for a black man to kiss a white woman. Kate and Sam tried to run away using Sam’s little boat, but they got caught by Charles "Trout" Walker. Sam was shot and he died in the water of Green Lake. Katherine was rescued against her will. When they had returned to the shore, Mary Lou the donkey’s dead body was lying there. She was shot in her head. Kate Barlow went crazy. 3 days later she killed the sheriff, then she applied a fresh coat of red lipstick and gave him the kiss he had wanted. That’s why she was called Kissin’ Kate later on. This would be her signature for the future. She left the city and became the most famous outlaw of Texas. For the next 20 years, Kissin’ Kate Barlow was one of the most feared outlaws all over the West. She robbed banks, post stagecoaches, trains. And she always kissed her victims after she had robbed and shot them. One of her victims was Stanley Yelnats I. But she did not kill him but left him alone in the desert.After these 20 years she returned to Green Lake. She knew that that was crazy. Kissin’ Kate missed Sam a lot. She retired from the world, lived in a hut next to two old oak trees the last plants which grew near the large dry lake and she buried the loot in the dried-out lake bed. Trout Walker and his wife Linda, a former student of Miss Katherine,found her at least. They came to punish her and they strived after her loot because they lost everything when the lake dried up. They lurked to kill her, if she wouldn’t say where she had buried it. Before the Walkers could make her leading them to the loot, she was bitten by a yellow-spotted lizard. She died laughing, because no one ever would find the loot. The Walkers had a problem now: How should they ever find the treasure without digging hundreds of holes? It was Trout Walker’s granddaughter who had the idea to open a boot camp Green Lake where bad boys should build their character by digging holes - to search for the loot.


X-ray is the leader of the group. he has been at camp longer than all the boys in tent D and claims to have a shorter shovel by a whole inch.Magnet is at camp for attempted robbery of a chihuahua.Squid is zig zags buddy and makes food. is not very clever.zig zag makes up crazy ideas that the wardens up to something, something sinister.Armpit is the smelly, chubby and grossest one out of all the boys.

Stanley believes that he is in the wrong place at the wrong time because his family was afflicted with an old gypsy curse, because his great-great-grandfather, who lived in Latvia, failed to carry a crippled gypsy woman (Madame Zroni) up a mountain in exchange for the pig she had given him so he can marry a women called Myra Menke. Elya promised to Madame Zeroni that he will carry her but he broke the promise. Stanley is sentenced to Camp Green Lake because it is assumed that he has stolen the sneakers of Clyde "Sweet-Feet" Livingston, a professional baseball player. As it happens, they fell from the sky and landed on him, a fact which nobody believes. Stanley is overweight at the outset of the book but gradually loses weight at Camp Green Lake, where he and all of the other boys,are to dig holes daily. He and his new friend zero discover something that will change stanley's family luck.

Warden Walker's wealthy grandfather, Trout Walker, was a native of Green Lake who married a woman named Linda Born in the 1960s, Warden Walker as a child helped Trout dig for hidden treasure that Miss Katherine "Kissin' Kate" Barlow had buried somewhere in the vicinity of Green Lake. After hard work and no treasure, she renamed the location as '"Camp Green Lake" where "bad kids" dig to find the treasure, and if they found it, were to give it to the warden.Stanley Yelnats arrives at the camp and reveals that his great-grandfather, Stanley Yelnats I, when traveling from New York to California, had been robbed by Barlow, who buried the loot somewhere in Green Lake.She first appears when X-ray gets credit for a gold tube of Kate Barlow's lipstick.that Stanley finds. He gets a day off. Then Armpit tried to pass off a stove knob as something he found. But the Warden's answer was when she saw the knob, "Are you trying to be funny, are do you just think I'm stupid?" Armpit's joke costed him a week of showers. When Stanley and Zero finds the treasure she was sobbing when Stanley and Zero lft with the treasure. She also makes nail polish out of rattlesnake poison, and Sachar makes her seem like an evil lady, intent on what she wants and selfish too.poster yourself

The warden is prtrayed as a mean, selfish, evil person who runs the camp.Mr Pendanski is a portrayed as an ethusiastic counsilor of tent "d" otherwise known as the boy's tent. He also calls himself a certified doctor.Mr. Sir is a serious person who is on edge scince he quit smoking.

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