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In this image Newton's Third Law occurs because the dogs on the opposite side is exerting force to the dogs on the other side. So in result of that both dogs are exerting the same amount of force, just in opposite direction. The net force of this is zero.

In this video the girls dimonstrate Newton's Third Law because they hit hands. When they hit hands, which we often do everyday in life. You might not know this but you are using Newton's Third Law because when your hand hits another person hand the hand push each other and the exert the same amount of force.

Newton's 3rd Law

In this image Newton Third Law is used bacause the rocket is exerting a great amount of force on the ground, and the ground exerts the same amount of force back. This is what allows the rocket to push it's self off the ground and move!!!

Shalia Gary B-4 11/29/09



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