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MAGMA-is what lava is before it exits the volcano. it's hot and can make some rocks.

TIARA the AWESOMErock cycle.

poster yourself

EXTRUSIVE and INTRUSIVE- are two diffrent types of igneous rocks. Extrusive rocks are formed when lava that erupted from earth's suerface. Intrusive rocks are formed when magma hardened beneath Earth's surface.

SOIL- what earth is made from,. dirt......stuff that plants grow from. rocks can be formed from dirt.

SEDIMENT- are small, solid piecesof materialthat come from rocks orl iving things.

SEDINTARY ROCKS-are formed when sediments have been deposited. the compaction and cemenation change to form...

MEDAMORPHIC ROCKS- from beneath eath's surface can change any rock into metamorphic.



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