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Week 2My life. [ your life ]

Right now or a long time ago. You think that there iis no way i can go to heaven i have done so much i cussed a dude out yesterday and made him do something there is know way That guy named Jesus can love me. So im just gonna hang out i have no chance to be with this Jesus guy. Ya what u did was wrong but as you know God died on that cross because He loves us. If he didnt love us we all would be in Hell. But instead he brought us to earth to have a chance to leave our vacation on earth and not go to hell. If you would like to accept jesus and have a better life message me and i will help you. Believe me your His creation he wants you in His world not in Hell.We strive for perfection we settle for excellence

You have done wrong But there is still hope for you. God will save you if u want .

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