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Week Two

Week One

Note: ***Each person is assigned a number so you are anonymous.*** Each pound lost is worth 10 pts.***Each 30 minute exercise worksout is worth 1 point. Only 8 pts. per week.

Week OneThe Week 1 sheet shows #1 has lost 1 pound and exercised 2 and a half hours. I added 10 plus 5 for her total of 15 points. It shows that #2 lost 3 pounds and exercised 4 hours. I added 30 plus 8 for a total of 38 points.

The Week 2 sheet shows that #1 lost 2 pounds and exercised 4 hours. ( I add the 10 from week 1 plus 20 for week 2, to get the 30 points for her week 2 weight loss. First week she had a total of 15 points. I added the 28 points to the 15 to get the 43.

The Week 2 sheets shows that #2 lost 3 or more pounds leaving her at 0 (never a negative number) This person exercised 2 hours for 4 points. I got this total by adding the 38 from the first week and the 4 points for exercising this week for a total of 42.

Note:**The exercise points are not combined from one week to the next.**You must remember what you lost the week before and add that to what you lose the next week.

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