GLOG 1: Internal Road BEFORE Upgrade, Shaun Andersen

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GLOG 1: Internal Road BEFORE Upgrade, Shaun Andersen

GLOG 1: Internal Road Before Upgrade, 2016

This is unused, valuable space that could be utilized, however it is being wasted as a grass patch no one frequents. This patch of grass could be used to improve the horrendous Sociabilty, Comfort and Image and Uses and Activities rating our Road has.

This is bland wall space, that could be used to spice up the aesthetics of our internal road, yet is not. This wall could be used to bring a more vivid sense of our College ideas and identity, improving the atmosphere of Citipointe, and the Comfort and Image rating.

The actual body of the internal road is comparable to an oven. The sun shines onto the bitumen which stores the heat turning what could be a thriving social hub, into a stark wasteland, which few people use to play or socialise. This is valuable open space that should be utilized, yet sadly is not. Thus downgrading the Uses and Activities Rating and Comfort and image drastically.

This space is ideal for activities, covered by natural shade and in an enclosed environment. It is being wasted as empty space. This is happening too much at our school, leaving awesome spacial opportunities in the void and out of use. I can't wait to see this area become a compassionate yet competitive fun environment.

This space is ideal for social gatherings, yet because of the amazingly large lack of seating, no one uses it. This is so outrageously wasteful, this beautiful space being used as a walkway, rather than a thriving social avenue. This decreases the Sociability rating of our internal road.



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