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•William Shakespeare•Richard Burbadge (Burbage)•John Hemings (Heminges)•Augustine Phillips•William Kempt (Will Kempe)•Thomas Poope (Pope)•George Bryan•Henry Condell•William Slye•Richard Cowly•John Lowine•Samuell Crosse•Alexander Cooke•Samuel Gilburne•Robert Armin•William Ostler•Nathan Field•John Underwood•Nicholas Tooley•William Ecclestone•Joseph Taylor•Robert Benfield•Robert Gouge•Richard Robinson•John Schanke•John Rice •Globe Theatre actors were expected to perform their own stunts•skills included sword fighting skills and they had to fall convincingly.•Voices of the actors had to carry well.


•Plays were divided into three types; histories, comedies, and tragedies•Red, white or black flags would be raised to indicate what play was going on that night•Flag color meanings: red-history, white-comedy black-tragedy•one of the most famous playhouses of the time•opened 1599•"Construction set near the Thames in a place called Bankside in Southwark"•"large circular structure, three stories high"•playhouse's 44 wide by 26 foot long stage stood five foot off the ground in the middle of the room

•Expensive materials, vivid colors and extremely costly •"Costumes did not always reflect the correct period of the Play"•Some costumes were specifically made for the actors•Some costumes were donated by rich customers

Facts About Theater Today

•Now named "Shakespeare's Globe,” opened in 1997 approximately 750 feet from the site of the original theatre•In London•Today the theater sits a capacity of 1000 people, almost half of what the original held •Has both daytime and nighttime shows


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Fun Facts


•For roughly two pennies you could pay to sit in one of the playhouse's three circular galleries•Plays usually started in the early afternoon, from 2 pm until about 4 or 5 pm

Price of a Show

Globe Theater


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