Globalization and Education

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Globalization and Education

Rank: #1 - Challenge - Effective teachers Rationale: Teachers must be content rich in order for their students to be successful. They also need certain skills such as establishing a classroom environment that is welcoming to all students, helping students build communication skills and relationships, allow time for reflection, incorporate scaffolding and building onto what students already know, use best practices and be culturally aware and sensitive to the needs of all students.Affect on Secondary student: Students will have a better chance at being successful, understanding and able to develop an increase in social and cognitive skills

Kimberly Hughes

Rank #2 Challenge - Socio-economic status Rationale: it is said that children in poverty are not allowed the same educational opportunites as those in richer districts and believes that this is the reason for limited outcomes more than race and ethnicity.Affect on Secondary student: Not being given the same learning opportunites , these students might fall between the cracks are lag farther behind than other students and not be able to compete against these studens further in life.

Rank: #3 - Trend - TechnologyRationale: Technology is a wonderful learning tool for those that have access to it. Many school districts have stopped purchasing paper back books and are not using e-books. This method increases conversation, participation and is also beneficial to those of another culture because it makes it easier for them to follow in their native tongue.Affect on Secondary student: This can have several affects on students. One reason being is that all students don't have access to technology once they leave school and another is that sometimes technology can be abruised and other actions are taking place other than learning the required material.

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Rank: #5 - Trend - Scheduling Rationale: 4x4 scheduling has been very productive in the high schools in our school district. If students have to transfer from one school within the district, it doesn't throw them off schedule. It makes the transition much easier. It allows the students to have more learning time with each of their teachers. It also ceases a lot of hallway disruptions and several bells ringing.Affect on Secondary students: This type of scheduling allows more instructional time for students to be able to grasp information versus rushing through 50 minutes and never mastering a standard. The student gets to see the teacher everyday and it helps to build relationships.

Rank: #4 - Issue - Scarcity of minority teachersRationale: While the minority teachers are at a shortage the minority student population is increasing. School districts should hire highly qualified minorities if the school districts are mainly minorities. Students want to see someone that looks like them and can relate to where they came from.Affect on Secondary student: Students and teachers can't relate to one another and it may possibly lessen their chances of having role models that look like them.


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