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Generally speaking, globalization is a blend of cultures. Some people think that its a new process. In fact, globalization existed even durind Middle Ages, when people decided to trade goods with merchants from distant countries. Since 1980, it has begun to move at a faster pace.

Globalization is something than we cant see but we can feel the effects of it. Its a process of interaction among the people, companies and governments of different countries. We can feel globalization almost everywhere nowadays. People eat American fast-food, wear Italian shoes and Mexican shirts, drive Japanese cars and listen to Korean music

Globalization also gives an opportunity to learn more about culture of other nations. Countries focus on what they can do better instead of making bad-quality products. For example, Belgium is good at agriculture and producing fine chocolate but it doesnt produce cars.

Another advantage og of globalization is the growth of international companies. They can open affiliates in different countries and create additional workplace for local people. The first issue on the list of disadvantages that globalization has brought is the pollution of the environment.

Anastasiya Marysheva and Lydia Stepanenko


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