Global Wind Patterns Infographic

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Global Wind Patterns Infographic

Global Wind Patterns        Infographic

Wind is the movement of air caused by differences in air from place to place, and its caused by differences in air pressure

Wind patterns over warm water-Winds over warm water move from East to West, and are the slowest when compared to wind patterns over cold water. We can particularly observe this in the Indian Ocean, where wind patterns are the slowest.

Wind patterns over cold water-Winds over cold water move from West to East, and are the fastest when compared to wind patterns over warm water. We can particularly observe this in the Southern Ocean, where wind patterns are the fastest.


Wind patterns near coastal areas- Land and sea breezes are caused by the differences in temperature over land and water. The sea breeze occurs during the day when the land area heats more rapidly than the water surface. Air moves from high pressure to low pressure, creating wind. The land breeze blows at night when the air becomes cooler. Then the wind blows towards the warm, low-pressure area over the water. Land and sea breezes are very local and affect only a narrow area along the coast.

winds over land masses in cold areas travel from West to East, we can observe this in Greenland.

Winds over land masses in warm areas travel from East to East. We can observe this in North Africa, where air patterns move from East to West.

Wind patterns near mountains-Windward and Leeward are technical names for the directional sides of a mountain. The windward side is the side which faces the prevailing wind(upwind), and the leeward side is the side sheltered from the wind by the mountain's very elevation(downwind). One is responsible for enhancing precipitation in the vicinity of mountain ranges, and the other, for withholding it.

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