Global Warming

by Nosidam
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Global Warming

Global Warming

Greenhouse gas emmisions are gases that trap some of the heat from the solar system in our atmosphere.

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Global warming results in a change in the global climate.

Global warming refers to the long-term rise in earth’s temperature.

The green house effect helps plants grow. The green house effect lets plants absorb energy so they can perform photosynthesis. But now that humans have released different chemicals in the environment from our everyday things that we use, like hairspray and exhaust from our cars, these chemicals are cause atmospheric concentrations of CO2 which are harming our environment.

Scientists are predicting that if this keeps gowing the way it does the polar ice caps will start melting, there will be a rise in sea level, climate zones will change, there will be new weather patterns, and eventually it could have an effect on vegetation.


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