Global Warming

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Environmental Studies

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Global Warming

Factor of Global Warming Heavy use of fossil fuel Increase in greenhouse fuelEffect of Global Warming Rise of temperature Rise of seawater Increase CO2

Arctic ice is melting becasue of global warming. If there is not enough sea ice in the Arctic, they can't get seals because seals live under the sea ice and they can't walk on the sea ice.


The Impact of Global Warming to Dangerous Animal- Endangered Species -

Habitat: ArcticNumber Alive: 20,000~25,000Main Food: SealsPolar bears get the seals on the sea ice. In spring and fall seasons, they hunt seals.

# Polar Bears


Habitat:Indian OceanAtlanticPacific OceanMain Food:Meat

Main Habitat: ChinaBody Length: 3.9 - 4.9 feetMain Food: Bamboos

# Giant Pandas

Sea turtles lay eggs on the sandy beach. If the temprature of sand is over 84.2°F(29°C), they lay eggs of female. If the temprature of sand is under 84.2°F(29°C), they lay eggs of male. If temprature keeps increasing, thay may not lay eggs of male, that is thay can't do copulation to make ancestors.

Decrease bamboo forest by global warming. Bamboos bloom just once in 30-35 years, nevertheless, their breeding speed is slow. So it is slow to adapt to changes in the environment.



・DON'T use cars, USE bicycles or walking・Increase GREEN (plant trees or green something)・DON'T use plastic bags, USE own bags for shopping

# Sea Turtles

What should we do for stopping Global Warming and protecting Endangered Species?

Hirori Ogasawara

Red List of Threatened Species  in 2006: 16,118 types in 2007: 16,306 types in 2008: 16,928 types in 2009: 17,291 types in 2010: 18,351 types


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