Global Warming

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Weather and Climate

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Global Warming

Man is killing this planet in many ways due to a procces called global warming. We are overgrowing in population, increasing demand on the same things that help destroys the Earth. Resources are becoming scarce and humanity is becoming advanced; so what is there to come next?


Global Warming

Global warming can result in many ways, but one is most likely known to happen if we continue to create our deadly mistakes "depletion of humanity". This can be the result of resource depletion, too hot to sustain life; storms take over; too cold to sustain life; war over earth, and many other actual unknown factors that can result.

There are also methods to prevent further global warming by man but, it will probably take sacrifice, a lot of work, remembrance, and dedication. We will need to come together as a world because everyone is affected by global warming; we need to result to other resources for energy instead of using so many fossil fuels, we could use wind, water, magnification, geothermal, solar, animals/horses, physics, and other sources of energy we could possibly think of that doesn't either cause harm to the earth or humanity; if so, we need to make sure nature can fix our wrongs with ease. Politics plays another factor of solving the issues with global warming; just think: "politics influences a lot". We can also find out other ways of disposing waste even if people have to sacrifice being "civil" and convert their waste into something that is more proper for disposing or any other ways us or the government could do to clean waste so the Earth is not so much affected.

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