Global Warming

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Weather and Climate

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Global Warming

Key factsGlobal warming is the increase in Earth's temperature, due to increased levels of CO2, Chloroflourocarbons, and other pollutants in the atmosphere.

The rapid increase in global warming can be attributed to human causes. If policy surrounding CO2 emissions is not implemented globally in the near future, the Earth's surface temperature will rise between 2 and 6 degrees Celsius, causing many environmental disasters. With a severe increase in temperature comes a mass extinction.

About current situation

Global Environmental Disasters-Glacial ice sheet melting leads to sea level rise, acidic oceans, and loss of species -A dramatic increase in species extinction is becoming prevelant-Torrential weather (tornadoes, severe storms, hurricanes, etc.) increase-Drought is causing food shortage

Save the Earth

Bill Nye the Science Guy on Climate Change

Human Impact on Environment Humans are largely responsible for global warming. The following have increased the amount of CO2:-Burning of fossil fuels-Increase in population-Lack of resource usage control-Diet (lots of meat & waste)

It's in the palm of our hands

Poor Mr. Polar Bear

What have the fossil fuels done?

Starved out by drought...



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