Global warming

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Global warming

Us humans are killing/destorying the earth. How is this you ask look at the other pcitures and video and you will find out!

Global Warming

What causes global warming? Trapped greenhouse gases it makes the carbon dioxide level rise and that is bad for the atmosphere. Humans counting down the trees and ruining the forests called Deforestation and the trees can not collect the carbon dioxide when we are counting them down so more is getting released in to the air an is destroying the Ozone layer.

Global Warming effects the ocean the sea levels are rising and the glaciers are melting so eventually they will be all melted and the water from that is going to increase the sea levels even more, the temperatures are going to continue to rise to exterme levels, animals are going to die due to the weather conditions for example penguins and polar bears need the glaciers and the cold weather, the plants are going to die also if it get to hot because that means that they are going to need more water to cool down and stay hydrated, there will be an increased risk for wildfires, droughts, and floods, there will be more heat related sickness and disease, and economic loss





What can do to stop global warming. We can use more efficent light bulbs, stop using coal and fossil fuels, and use fuel efficent cars. The biggest problem with global warming is carbon dioxide.



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