Global Warming

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Global Warming

Don't forget to turn off the lights 31.March 2012 8:30 pm

How to help: *Make a pledge, send an email, sign a petition, make your voice heard... *Think or learn some ways to reduce your impact - at home, at school... *Support institutions which support the planet *There's volunteering and scholarships opportunities

"Humanity: the most intelligent species on the planet, capable of anything but is governed by it's aggression and youth. A species fast in developing but slow in maturing. Once a species that cared about it's home, it's provider, let it's ego dominate it's decisions. A period of ignorance and neglect has had profound effects across the world. Effects which can be reversed, if nature is given the time to repair the damage. Remember... we only have one home."-David Bayliss


We are all connected... So, are we being fair to the other species of the planet?

How global warming started

Helena's opinion

Diana's opinion



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