Global Warming: It's Real

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Global Warming: It's Real

Global Warming is causing many things to happen. But just to name a few...-In 1910, Montana's Glacier National Park had 150 glacers. Now it only has 27.-Places all around the world are continusly getting hotter.-Sea levels are rising.-Bodies of water are drying out.-Bush fires are more common.-The extinction of certain species.

To start off, what is Global Warming?Global Warming is an average increase in temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. When we keep burning of fossil fuels, like oil and coal, gases like CO2 and methane get trapped in the atmosphere. The gases make a big dome over the Earth, which reverts some outgoing radiation.

Global Warming: It's Real!

How Global Warming Works:

If all of Greenland melted (which will eventually happen if Global Warming keeps its pace), The shoreline of North America would rise, as shown to the right.

Polar bears are going extinct because their habitats are melting. Global warming is melting this homes of these poor polar bears. Not only are these cold areas melting, but also coral reefs are dying. The color is draining from them, and many fish who live there are dying. Also, the range that bugs live in is expaning. More bugs are found in places usually not populated with many bugs.

With all the fossil fuels that we burn down, and all the trees we cut, global warming is getting worse every day.

If global warming continues, shorelines will rise and there will be much less land.

This poor polar bear's habitat is meltinng because of global warming.

What are Greenhouse Gases?Greenhouse gases are the combination of molecules in the atmosphere, which is made up of water vapor, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. They trap heat and protect the planet from heating up.

Global warming is sucking the life out of coral reefs, killing the homes of many precious sea creatures.


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