Global warming issue

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Global warming issue

Issue Causes

What can we do?



-Accelerating Sea Level Rise Global warming is accelerating the rate of sea level rise and dramatically increasing coastal flooding risks, especially on the U.S. East Coast and Gulf of Mexico.-Longer and More Damaging Wildfire Seasons Wildfires are increasing and wildfire season is getting longer in the Western U.S. as temperatures rise.

•Ice is melting worldwide, especially at the Earth’s poles. This includes mountain glaciers, ice sheets covering West Antarctica and Greenland, and Arctic sea ice.•Sea level rise became faster over the last century.•Precipitation (rain and snowfall) has increased across the globe, on average

-More Frequent and Intense Heat Waves Dangerously hot weather is already occurring more frequently than it did 60 years ago. -Costly and Growing Health Impacts Climate change has significant implications for our health, including increased air pollution and a longer and more intense allergy season.

Global Warming ISSUE

The planet is warming, from North Pole to South Pole, and everywhere in between. Globally, the mercury is already up more than 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius), and even more in sensitive polar regions. And the effects of rising temperatures aren’t waiting for some far-flung future. They’re happening right now. Signs are appearing all over, and some of them are surprising. The heat is not only melting glaciers and sea ice, it’s also shifting precipitation patterns and setting animals on the move.

Global Warming isn't hard to explain It leaves Mother Earth crying with excruciating pain. This hurts our planet in every single way The changes could leave us all in sorrow and dismay. We need to stop it now so the temperature doesn't rise People, plants, and animals would be in demise. Mother Nature can't do it all so let's give her a rest. We all need to try and do what is best. Our planet earth is precious and can't be replaced We need to act now or our home will be erased.

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 2. Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning3. Drive Less and Drive Smart 4. Buy Energy-Efficient Products 5. Use Less Hot Water 6. Use the "Off" Switch 7. Encourage Others to Conserve8. Cover your pots while cooking9. Take a shower instead of a bath10. Plant a tree


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