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Global Voices

Global Voices

One story that calls out to me is the story on "El Nino Takes Its Toll on Southeast Asia" from Global Voice, accessible at story is about the El Nino climate phenomenon which rise the temperature and cause water shortage in Southeast Asian countries. It calls out to me because I realised that other rural countries are experiencing severe droughts which reduce their farm output, causing poverty and famine.It is also claimed that the government is trying to help the victims of the drought in Phillippine but the help did not arrive quickly, causing the farmers to protest and even demand for food.This made me realised that we Singaporeans should avoid wasting food and water because other rural countries like the Phillippines are experiencing famine due to the drought. (Of course, not to forget that water is limited due to the drought as well.)Also, if possible, sometimes, we might want to lend a helping hand. We can donate money or food to solve the famine in the rural countries of Southeast Asia. I believe the government is trying to help out but they also face many problems which cause them to be unable to help the victims quickly. We are rather fortunate that there is a stable supply of food and water in Singapore so we will not experience such things. Thus, all the more we should help out the victims so that they do not need to even protest to even survive (I have experienced protesting to get what I want before and I don't feel happy at the end of the day)

I picked this box because the description is quite appealing to me. It even told us that the world is talking but asked if we are listening. In this activity, we are asked to pick a story from global voices. I feel that by doing this activity, I have learnt to empathise the people who are not as fortunate as us.In Singapore, though not facing major drough or famine, that does not mean we should waste food or water. Actually, at times, there are minor water and food shortage in Singapore. For example, when there is a dry spell or when the price of food increase due to some external situations. As a citizen, we should also try not to worsen any minor food or water shortage. This includes not wasting food and water. I have decided to do so. In fact, there is no reason why you should waste food. When eating at home, if you suddenly do not feel like eating for any reason, you can always keep the food. Similarly, when eating outside, you can always request to take away your food, so that you can continue eating laterwards. If you do not like the food, give it to someone else who might want to eat it.




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